Convento do Beato — Centro de Eventos

Lisbon, Portugal

The refurbishment of Convento do Beato, allowed for a modernized use as Events Centre, for parties, corporate meetings and product launches. The refurbishment project, by atelier Risco, focused on improving comfort and safety, with a new Lighting scheme playing a decisive role.The main space of the project is the central cloister, designed for hosting larger-scale events, with a system of orthogonally arranged trusses covering the large area of the space, now generously lit from above by skylights. The lighting strategy for this space had to accommodate different pre-set scenarios for specific uses, while allowing full dimming flexibility, to achieve different ambiences and moods. Linear lighting fixtures were discretely integrated in the skylights, in a matrix where each skylight could be individually digitally addressed, switched and dimmed.The arcades and main stairwell were refurbished and lit elegantly, bringing accent to the beautiful heritage features, colors and architectural details.


Beato Lux


Lisbon, Portugal



Architecture Risco
Photography Carolina Delgado
Lighting Design