Lisbon, Portugal

Cucurico is a chicken grill house located in the LxFactory complex in Alcântara, Lisbon. The area is characterised by its industrial past, which served as an inspiration for the architectural background of the space.

During day-time the space is filled with natural daylight through the large windows and the existing skylights. At dark, the lighting concept aim was to respond to the brand framework of a young and urban language able to leverage an informal and welcoming ambience. The lighting was set by a matrix of track lighting combined with suspended decorative elements that compose and divide the different areas of the space. Illuminated artwork in the walls and neon lighting provide the young appeal to the restaurant. At night, the terrace stands out in darkness catching up the eyes’ attention for the by-passers with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.


Chicken Shop


Lisbon, Portugal



Architecture DC.AD
Photography Francisco Nogueira
Lighting Design

SYNAPSE (Paula Rainha, Francisco Santos)