Gama Glória

Lisbon, Portugal

The refurbishment of the office for the law firm Gama Glória consisted in a total reconfiguration of the space to include a large open working area, private meeting rooms, phone booths and all facilities required for a modern office. The refurbishment design through a partnership between offices Appleton Domingos and BFJ Arquitectos focused on bringing texture and warmer materials to the space, with a new lighting scheme playing a decisive role by enhancing and highlighting these.

The lighting for this space needed to provide working and functional lighting to the office spaces and the strategy was to rely on floor standing minimalist luminaires for this. This also allows the users to regulate and vary the intensity of the lighting to their own needs and taste. As for the other spaces, there was a focus on the vertical surfaces, enhancing the wood paneling of the walls and play with indirect lighting in special and smaller spaces. However, the main feature of the space is a conservatory garden with large scale pots in which lighting contributes to a ‘magical atmosphere’ and a kaleidoscopic effect with glowing glass spheres dropping from the mirrored ceiling. This was inspired by the image of flying fireflies in a forest.


Júdice Glória, Taborda da Gama — Sociedade de Advogados


Lisbon, Portugal






Lighting Design