Go Juu

Lisbon, Portugal

This project has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Category ‘Interior Design/ Retail’, The American Architecture Prize 2017, AAP.

Located in Lisbon, the restaurant pays homage to chef Takashi Yoshitake passion for Japanese traditional gastronomy. Designed as an intimate and minimalist space intended as a club-restaurant and sake bar, it uses sliding panels and translucent fibre screens for flexibility and privacy. The lighting concept relies in the simplicity in the use of accent lighting for the tables as well as the enhancement of different materials present in the walls such as the green marble and walnut wood panels. Architectural and features details where highlighted through lighting such as the shelving, the Japanese garden window and the wooden top counters, which surely contributes to the sophisticated and timeless ambiance of the space.


Pedro Cárdigos


Lisbon, Portugal



Architecture Promontório
Photography FG+SG
Lighting Design

Synapse (Paula Rainha)