Berlin, Germany

This lighting design from Lichtvision was a finalist of the German Lighting Design Awards in 2017.

Lighting compensates for the different daylight situations throughout the day and the year, while accentuating the sequence of different rooms. The Line is the main formal element of the lighting concept. A continuous three dimensional band of light in the atria helps to unify the space and supports a sense of depth from the different points of view. Elements from the same conceptual family can be found in all conference and meeting rooms. Vertical lines illuminate corridors and staircases. Luminaires in the breakout areas, canteen and cafeteria have a decorative character, for a more relaxing atmosphere. The building was designed by the architects Thomas Müller and Ivan Reimann in Berlin and is in full operation since 2015. It also resulted in a strong urban presence, at the border between the Mitte and Moabit districts of Berlin.


German Federal Ministry of Interior


Berlin, Germany



Photography Stefan Müller
Lighting Design

Lichtvision (Joana Mendo as lighting designer)