Kempinski Rafal Tower

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kempinski Rafal Tower complex in Dubai is a mixed-use 66-storey residential tower, together with a 9-storey office building and a 2- storey retail podium.

The lighting concept was to turn all public areas in highly sophisticated spaces. The outdoor mall was designed to be used mainly during night time when temperatures are more pleasant in which lighting was designed to be subtle and integrated into the architecture. In the office building, it was proposed a dynamic façade that changed intensity and colour temperature during evening times, providing a backdrop set for the mall. As for the residences in the high-rise building, the terraces with different layers of illumination and constellations in the ceiling will create visual interest and dynamics to the tower and façade. The buildings are still under construction.


Rafal Real Estate Development Co.


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


2014 - in progress

Architecture Promontório
Lighting Design

SYNAPSE (Paula Rainha)