Loja Nuno Baltazar

Porto, Portugal

Nuno Baltazar is a Portuguese Fashion designer and for his flagship store, bare to dress up was the ground and inspiration for the architecture and lighting framework.

The architects’ strategy was to create a space free of ornament, raw, where the stains shaped by time are part of the setting and in which the structural elements and infrastructure remain visible. This allowed for the fashion collections to become the protagonist in which the delicate textures and colours of the fabrics stand out. Lighting was key to balance and give a warmth ambiance to the bare space. Mirrors were used to create reflected optical illusions and increase the perception of lighting in the interior of the shop. A lamp was specially designed for the counter by Artur Mendanha. At the back of the store, an iron and glass panel mark the transition to a private area, meant for a personalised customer service, in which a skylight directs light to the studio at basement level. This space is mainly white, and three large pivoting covered with mirrors, reflect the stairs and natural light minimising the feeling of being at basement level.


Nuno Baltazar


Porto, Portugal



Architecture Cirurgias Urbanas
Lighting Design

SYNAPSE (Paula Rainha)