Mano a Mano Restaurante

Lisbon, Portugal

In a relaxed and pleasant environment, Mano a Mano lighting concept was to materialise the idea of a family oriented Italian restaurant.

This was achieved by revealing the interior materials, such as the stone counters and the wood panels and furniture that provide warmth to the space, and use simple and basic light sources and luminaires for a timeless and appealing atmosphere.There were some technical challenges which required, for acoustic reasons, the provision of the minimum number of light points and cables passing inside and through the plasterboard ceiling. Therefore, the approach was to create a structure that could house the cabling whilst turning it into a lighting feature of the space. A custom luminaire was also designed for this space over the counter following the theme of black metal profiles and bare lamps.During the day the space is filled with natural light, and at night, the large windows serve as a lantern informing the customers the lively and relaxed atmosphere one can feel inside.


Lisbon, Portugal



Architecture RISCO
Photography Carolina Delgado
Lighting Design

SYNAPSE (Paula Rainha, Francisco Santos, Ricardo Leal)