Ozadi Hotel

Tavira, Portugal

This project has been awarded First Prize at Premis FAD. It has been shortlisted for Archdaily’s Building of the Year 2015 award and the Semana da Reabilitação Urbana Grand Prize.

The project is part of a refurbishment of an existing building from the 70’s in which was added a new extension element that suspends over the swimming pool and garden. The exterior lighting concept intends to enhance this new architectural element with recessed uplighting in the pavement and lighting to the stairwell. The wood canopy is also uplit and in the restaurant serves as a backdrop to the glass spherical pendants. The whole structure acts as lantern to the garden and pool area. Lighting was also considered for the existing façade and some of the paths of the garden, allowing for a safe circulation of guests and visual interest on a selection of existing trees and other plants proposed by the landscape design. As for the interior the approach was to use cove lighting and wall lights for a simple and functional lighting solution, which responds to the existing architectural features of the space.


Gracer SA


Tavira, Portugal



Photography José Campos
Lighting Design

Synapse (Paula Rainha)