Lisbon, Portugal

This project has been awarded Second Prize in the Category Office/Administration’ AIT Award 2018 – Best in Interior and Architecture. It has been shortlisted for Archdaily’s Awards of the Year 2018 in the category of Office and in the Category ‘Office - Completed Buildings’, World Architecture Festival Awards 2017. It was also shortlisted in the prestigious RIBA International Prize 2018

The new building makes use of the concrete structure of an existing 1980s office building, a two-storey rectangular volume with a simple column grid holding a waffle slab system. A new floor was added and two large circular voids, cut-off from existing slabs, for visually enlarging the experience of space and user interconnectivity, as well as bringing natural light into the interior of the building.The lighting concept responded to the interior of the building that intentionally plays on the idea of material reuse of the pre-existence. The rawness of the exposed concrete elements as well as the absence of false ceiling, thereby exposing all the electricity cable trays and AC ductwork, contrasts with the comfort and tactility of materials and finishes at users’ hands reach such as linoleum, cork, textiles and carpets. Suspended linear and functional lighting is used within the open office areas and track lighting is used throughout the circulation areas, giving a combination of diffused and accent lighting throughout the space.




Lisbon, Portugal



Architecture Promontório
Project Manager

Pedro Appleton

Photography FG+SG
Lighting Design

Synapse (Paula Rainha)