Lisbon, Portugal

The intervention was limited to the re-design of the lobby and café of the Teatro Municipal Rivoli (Municipal Theatre Rivoli) to unite both areas and turning this into a comfortable and appealing common space.

By restructuring both cafeteria and lobby, this space allows a flexible use that could be reconfigured according to the Theatre’s events. The architectural solution also uses modular structures that can be easily and quickly moved to organise the space in different configurations. With that in mind, the lighting needed to be also flexible and permeable to different uses, and therefore a lighting system was developed with new decorative lighting fixtures positioned in an apparently random layout but that would connect visually and formally both spaces. This foyer has become the main gathering point of the Theatre, also hosting other activities such as lectures, concerts, shows or exhibitions.


Teatro Municipal Rivoli





Architecture Cirurgias Urbanas
Lighting Design

SYNAPSE (Paula Rainha)