‘Há Luz no Parque 2020’ – Serralves Park Temporary installation

Oporto, Portugal

The lighting strategy for the event 'Há Luz no Parque' is based on the concept of celebration and a playful and festive environment that leads to the (re)discovery of the relationship between nature and light. The particular pandemic we were living through, the process of constant lockdowns, the digital conversion we witnessed, the principles of social distancing and restrictions imposed were the context to invite the public to experience a unique opportunity to decompress and (re)experience the garden as a celebration.The Serralves Park annual programme, which includes this event, is based on the principles of playfulness and learning, promoting 'activities that encourage reflection, perception and cognition of the landscape'. As such, the concept tries to respond to this challenge, creating different moments and interpretations of the existing landscape, in which light is explored as an expressive and revealing tool and, in turn, enhancing countless possibilities and readings of space.


Fundação de Serralves


Oporto, Portugal



Photography FG+SG
Lighting Design